European Studies, vol. 7, 2020


issuu e-book: European Studies – volume 7, 2020

e-book (pdf): European Studies – volume 7, 2020



A Tale of Two Recipes: Well-being Policy Comes to the Western Capitalism Rescue in the (Post-) Trump and (Post-)COVID-19 Era | Tatjana Muravska & Denis Dyomkin

In the Shadow of the Global Pandemic:Deepening or Shrinking Cooperation Between China and the Baltic States? | Inna Šteinbuka & Una Aleksandra Bērziņa-Čerenkova & Andris Sprūds

The Principle of Direct Effect in Criminal Law: Theory and Practice | Edita Gruodytė & Saulė Milčiuvienė & Neringa Palionienė

The Construction of European identity in the Paradigm of Anthropocentrism and its Constitutionalization | Volodymyr Denysov & Lyudmyla Falalieieva

Penetration of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union into the Constitutional Order of the Czech Republic – Basic Scenarios | Ondrej Hamuľák

The European Perspective on the Notion of Precedent – are EU and Czech Court Decisions Source of Law? | David Sehnálek

The Europeanisation of Energy Policy – What Scenario for Effective Institutionalism? | Donald Wertlen & Lucia Mokrá

The Public Law Procurement System and its Macroeconomic Effects in Germany and in the Czech Republic Regarding its Compliance with EU Law | Philipp Kunz & Pavel Žufan & Richard Pospíšil & Ondřej Kročil

Responsibility of Local Self-Government for Infringement of the European Union Competition and Public Procurement Rules and Its Enforcement in Slovakia | Ondrej Blažo

Sharing Economy in Digital Single Market EU – a Phenomena with Future Potential| Daniela Ježová

Notion of Anticompetitive Agreement Challenged in Digital Environment | Mária T. Patakyová

Is the Case Law of ECtHR Ready to Prevent the Expansion of Mass Surveillance in the Post-Covid Europe? Lusine Vardanyan & Václav Stehlík

Breastfeeding as a (Non)Exclusive Right of Women in Labor Relations – the European Approach | Juraj Hamuľák & Denisa Nevická

Is the Number of Established Societas Europaea in the Czech Republic Still Puzzling? | Martina Krásnická & Marta Uhlířová

EU Enlargement Policy Towards the Western Balkans: State Actors, Interests and Strategies | Celso Cancela Outeda & Paula Lamoso González & David Ramiro Troitiño

Correlation of the International and National Institutional and Legal Regulations of Applying Some Aspects of Technical Barriers in Practices of Ukraine and the European Union | Viktoriia Holubieva & Viktor Akulenko | Part 1       Part 2


An Outline on the Right to Water in the EU System | Francesco Anastasi

Collective Actions for Infringement of Competition Law | Ondřej Dostal


Report on A Series of Events on Challenges of Modern Society in Olomouc (by Michal Petr)

Review on SEHNÁLEK, David. Specifika výkladu práva Evropské unie a jeho vnitrostátní důsledky (Specifics of the Interpretation of EU Law and Its National Implications). Prague: C.H. Beck, 2019, 208 p. ISBN 978-80-7400-741-5 (by Naděžda Šišková)

Review on PATAKYOVÁ T. Mária. Konania pred Súdnym dvorom Európskej únie (Proceedings before Court of Justice of the European Union). Bratislava: Wolters Kluwer, 2020, 208 p., ISBN 978-80-571-0259-5 (by Ondrej Hamuľák)

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