European Studies, vol. 6, 2019


issuu e-book: European Studies – volume 6, 2019

e-book (pdf): European Studies – volume 6, 2019



Europeanization of Fight Against Disinformation and Propaganda at the Times of New Russian Hybrid Warfare | Ondřej Filipec

Reintegration Post- Brexit (2020–2022): European Union Reorganization – Securing The Public Square of Democracy; Creating a New Global Compact | K. A. C. O’Rourke – Part 1           Part 2

Principles and Values of the European Union as a Legal Basis for European Integration | Victor Muraviov

A General Summary on Geo-Blocking in the EU | Lilla Nóra Kiss

Mobile Applications for Administrative Purpose in the EU and V4 – with Special Regard to Document Management | Balazs Szabó

The Global Compact for safe, orderly and regular Migration and the Global Compact on Refugees – origins and effects | Michael Griesbeck

The Human Rights Protection in the EU-Brazil Relations: Structural Considerations and Current Legal Developments | Elisa Amorim Boaventura & Václav Stehlík

EU-Ukraine Association Agreement’s Effective Implementation into the Legal Order of Ukraine. Challenges and Successes | Roman Petrov

“Going Global” and Regionalization in EU-China Relationship: Perspective from the Baltics | Inna Šteinbuka, Una Aleksandra Bērziņa-Čerenkova, Andris Sprūds

Establishment and Provision of Services of Third Country Nationals in the EU | Michal Petr

The Implementation of the Aarhus Convention’s Third Pillar in the European Union – a Rocky Road Towards Compliance | Orsolya Johanna Sziebig

EU Human Rights Approach in Climate Change and Energy Transition – Call for Sustainable Development? | Lucia Mokrá & Donald Wertlen

The Constitutional Obligation of the State to Protect the Weaker Party in a Horizontal Relationship| Monika Florczak-Wątor

Independence of the Office for Public Procurement | Mária T. Patakyová

Illiberal democracy in action: Polish kind of symbolic legislation | Agnieszka Bień-Kacała

Compatibility of Terminology of Competition Law and Electronic Communications Law | Eva Zorková


The Respect of the International Environmental Law in the Field of the Northern Dimension: Good Practices and Virtuous Examples in the European Region | Francesco Gaudiosi

Potential Double Impacts of Brexit “With And Without A Deal” For EU and UK – In Particular “Internal Market” Issue | Aida Bektasheva


Origin of Europe and its Changes | Pavel Hlavinka

New Challenges to the EU Common Immigration Policy | Natalia Mushak

Corporate Policy of Compliance with Competition Law | Ondřej Dostal

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