European Studies, vol. 5, 2018


issuu e-book: European Studies – volume 5, 2018

e-book (pdf): European Studies – volume 5, 2018



A Competition for Talents – 15 Years of EC – and EU-Directives Fostering the Immigration of Highly Qualified and Skilled Third-Country Nationals | Michael Griesbeck

Neutrality as Tax Justice: The Case of Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base under the EU law | Shu-Chien Jennifer Chen

Protection of Environmental Human Rights in the Scope of European Union Law | Juraj Jankuv

The Variations of Judicial Enforcement of EU Charter of Fundamental Rights vis-á-vis Union Institutions and Bodies | Ondrej Hamuľák

The Fundamental Instruments of Social Rights Protection: the European Dimension | Lyudmyla Falalieieva

EU Law and Investor-State Dispute Settlement | Gabriel M.Lentner

Remedies in Antitrust under EU and Slovak Law | Katarína Kalesná & Mária T. Patakyová

Implementation of Mediation in Czech Legal Environment with Regard on Actual Evolution in Europe | Michal Malacka & Lenka Westphalová

Preliminary Questions before Civil Courts and the Impact of the European Union Law in the Light of Their Future Direction | Katarína Ševcová

Definition of Relevant Market for the Purposes of Protection of Competition on Energy Markets in the Practice of the European Commission | Ondřej Dostal


The Best Interests of the Refugee Child and Their Right to Family Reunification in Europe | Martina Delinčáková

A Brief Comparison of the European and the American Approach to Predatory Pricing | Eva Zorková

European Law and Regulation of Energy Security and Natural Gas Flows in the Light of Current Challenges | Mykola Dobysh


Shaping Procedural Autonomy of the Member States of the European Union – A Case of “Market Regulators” | Ondrej Blažo

Uncompetitive Practices in Public Procurement in EU/Slovak Context | Hana Kováčiková

Data Protection Reform in the EU as a Part of the Forming Digital Single Market | Daniela Ježová


Review on ŠIŠKOVÁ, Naděžda (ed.). The European Union – What is Next? A Legal Analysis and the Political Visions on the Future of the Union. Köln: Wolters Kluwer Deutschland, 2018, 350 p. ISBN 978-3-452-29186-8 (by Václav Stehlík)

Review on GRILLER, Stefan, OBWEXER, Walter, VRANES Erich (eds.). Mega-Regional Trade Agreements: CETA, TTIP, and TiSA. New Orientations for EU External Economic Relations. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017, 368 p. ISBN: 9780198808893 (by Ondřej Svoboda)

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