European Studies, vol. 1, 2014


issuu e-book: European Studies – volume 1, 2014

e-book (pdf): European Studies – volume 1, 2014



New Challenges for the EU in the Field of Human Rights (Focusing on the Mechanism of the Charter) | Naděžda Šišková

Smart Sanctions, Fundamental Rights and Extracontractual Liability for Damages | Pavel Svoboda

Juridisation of Human Rights Protection from the Viewpoint of Slovakia, Russia and the Council of Europe | Ján Svák

The Path Towards European Integration: the Challenge of Globalization | Manuel Porto

Europe and its Problem With Identity in the Globalized World | Stanisław Konopacki

The New Developments in Family Law – Green Paper „Less Bureaucracy for Citizens: Promoting Free Movement of Public Documents and Recognition of the Effect of Civil Status Records“, its Applicability in Marriage on the Example of Estonia | Kristi Joamets, Tanel Kerikmäe

EEAS in the EU External Action Architecture | Oleksandr Davydenko

Modern Approaches to the Extraterritorial Application of the EU Law | Liudmyla Falalieieva

European Union and Reforms and Transformations of the Social – Welfare State | Josef Blahož

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Guardian of the Constitution (Revolt and Revolution Dilemma in the Approach of Czech Constitutional Court Vis-à-Vis EU and Supranational Legal Order) | Ondrej Hamuľák


Tomášek, M., Týč, V. et al.: The EU Law. Prague, Leges, 2013, 496 p. (by Michal Petr)

Šišková, N. et al.: Lisbon Treaty and its Impacts on the European, International and National Law of the Member States, Prague, Leges 2012, 284 p. (by Josef Blahož)

Kerikmäe, T. et al.: Protecting Human Rights in the EU. Controversies and Challenges of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, New York, Springer, 2014, 195 p. (by Michal Petr)

Šišková, N. et al.: European Law II. EU’s Single Internal Market, Praha, Wolters Kluwer ČR, 2012, 263 p.  (by Pavel Svoboda) 


Czech Association for European Studies held its 3rd Annual Conference in Prague on the topic: “The EU and the Czech Republic in 2014 – a reflection of the current state and future perspectives(by Ondrej Hamuľák)

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