European Studies, vol. 3, 2016


issuu e-book: European Studies – volume 3, 2016

e-book (pdf): European Studies – volume 3, 2016



Qualitative Changes in the Development of the EU-China Relationships: From one-dimensional, more-limited and one-level cooperation to the all-dimensional, wide-ranging and multi-tiered Strategic Partnership | Eva Cihelková & Hung Phuoc Nguyen

The EU Founding Values – Constitutional Character and Legal Implications | Werner Schroeder

Acquis of European Union and Legal Order of Ukraine | Viktor Muraviov

Corporate Social Responsibility and the European Union Countries | Dana Bernardová

Complex Relations between EU Competition and Public Procurement Law | Michal Petr

Walking a Tightrope – Looking Back on Risky Position of German Federal Constitutional Court in OMT Preliminary Question | Ondrej Hamuľák, David Kopal & Tanel Kerikmäe

Support for Photovoltaic Power Plants – Czech Legislator’s Dilemma from the perspective of both the EU and International law | David Sehnálek

Legal Framework for Renewable Energy in the European Union and in Slovakia | Miroslav Bilišňanský

European Protection Order in Criminal Matters versus European Protection Order in Civil Matters | Libor Klimek

Private Enforcement Comparison in Selected EU Member States | Eva Zorková

Maritime Safety and Environment Protection in the EU; Port State Control Inspections  | Hamed Alavi

Can be EU Competition-law Concept of Undertaking Lesson for Bankruptcy Law? | Ondrej Blažo


Common European Union Army Under the Constitutional Law of European Union | Radim Doležal

“Democratic Deficit” in the European Union – Supranational Bodies and Democratic Legitimacy. Ideas for a Reflection | Claudia Biffali


Legal Aspects of Cross-Border Cooperation between Ukraine and European Union | Nataliia Mushak

The Analysis and Comparison of the Development of the Information Society in the Czech Republic and the EU | Jana Bellova


Hamuľák, O.: National Sovereignty in the European Union. View from the Czech Perspective. Cham: Springer, International Publishing AG, 2016, 89 p. ISBN 978-3-319-45350-7. (by Monika Forejtová)

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