About CAES

Czech Association for European Studies continues its activity on renewed base.

It represents a scientific society (in a form of a civic association), which covers university teachers, scientists, scholars, students, universities or other instutions involved in the different areas of the European integration studies (inc. law, economics, political science, external relations, history, etc.).

Czech ECSA is a part of the ECSA-World, the world-wide network of associations having similar interest (with the representation in 57 states in the world), supported by the European Commission.

The Association iniciates and supports education and research work in all areas of European Union studies involving economics, political science, law, culture and other branches that fall under scientific interests of the Association members. It also coordinates and integrates cooperation among Czech scholars or scientifists researchers, as well as institutions and universities, involved in the European Union studies. Last but not least, the Association coordinates relations between Czech researchers, scholars, universities and their partners in European countries and EU institutions, and it popularizes EU knowledge and ideas about the European integration. The Czech ECSA also involves activities of students, who are interested in the field of the European integration studies.

Member of the Association can be a university (part of university, faculty, etc.), other academic or research (state or private institution) or scholar himself. Membership in the Association may be proclaimed even to other person (for example a student), who fully accepts the Association aims, who is keen on studying the European integration and whose membership was recommended by two members of the Association.

The new elected Association Board (29th January 2010) sets as its goal the activation of the Association operation and simultaneously the deepening cooperation of Czech Association with foreign partners.

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